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  • Armed Escorts (variety of vehicles can be arranged)
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Off Duty Police

Most of the criminal element in society works off opportunism. What that means is that the majority of people engaging in crime do so out of the perceived ability to get away with something without the danger of being caught. It is a mindset that is prevalent in our world, and it is cause for many concerns within every community. In Baltimore, MD, things are no different. With this in mind, it is worth considering hiring off duty police in Maryland from Operational Police Protective Services.

If you are in charge of a neighborhood, housing association, or commercial property, it is important that you learn about the services we have to offer. When you hire off duty police in Maryland through our company you are making a commitment to safety and security. If a would-be criminal sees a police cruiser near a location, they will likely think twice before causing an infraction. If a security breach does occur, and we are already on the scene, we can stop potential crimes before they become major incidences.

The off duty police employed by Operational Police Protective Services are some of the bravest and most respected officers in the region. When these individuals are not serving their community directly they are offering their time to our clients. In short, we provide some of the finest officers that money can buy. Hire Off Duty Police in Baltimore, Maryland today. Since they are trained and experienced, you never have to worry about amateurs handling dangerous situations. Contact Operational Police Protective Services to find out more now.

Armed Security

The world is full of unforeseen circumstances and unknown people with unreasonable motives. The threat of crime is a deeply running theme in our world today. Even though violence is statistically decreasing, it is still just as shocking as ever, and often times more politically charged than in the past. If you consider your situation and decide that off duty police in Baltimore, Maryland is something you should invest in, speak with Operational Police Protective Services of Baltimore, MD.

We are the law enforcement experts you have been looking for. If you are a VIP traveling to foreign countries for entertainment or business purposes, having a team of professionals you can depend on for protection is a must. We can devise a set of strategic and tactical plans custom-tailored to your specific situation and needs, thus ensuring that all angles of approach are covered at all times. We are nonintrusive and will not need to be watched over like amateurs. Give us your trust and we will keep you safe.

If you are in the east coast region and believe that your business or personal life demands the highest levels of protection, Operational Police Protective Services wants to be your company of choice. We can work in plainclothes or in uniforms depending on the needs of the situation, and we will maintain awareness at all times. Being alert and calm in the most heated moments is our specialty. If it comes to that point, you will understand why we are the best.

Protective Services

Many people like you have worked extremely hard to reach a certain level or station in life. If you are behind important decisions that affect many people in the name of business, government, or otherwise, it is important that you stay protected from the chaotic forces at play in this reality. Do not give up all that you have earned and achieved in this lifetime because one person or a small group decides they do not favor you. If you are in the east coast region and need protective services, there is only one call to make.

Operational Police Protective Services is waiting to hear from you so that we can deploy manpower to your side. We are a full-service protective services company which means that no situation is too dangerous for us to handle. If you need to travel in safety and peace, we are the team to depend on. If you need to travel to foreign countries in the name of business or politics, keep us by your side. When you are in the trusting care of our expert team, you will only need to focus on the task at hand.

We have your back in all ways, every day. If you only need to hire a crew of law enforcement for an afternoon event, Operational Police Protective Services is willing and able to assist. If you are a VIP in need of multiple days of protective services, we can adapt to your needs. No matter what the case may be, if you want any potential threats mitigated, our professionals are the ones to know. If you are in the east coast region, let us into your circle of trust. Schedule a free consultation with our experts to learn more.

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